4-Year Plan, Major: SI20 - BS,Computer and Info Tech, Area of Emphasis: SI23 - Web Application Development
Catalog Term: Fall 2013
General Education Requirement     College Requirement     Major Requirement     Offered online since Fall 2012
Year One - Fall Semester
IST130 Analytical Methods: Statistics4 hrs
IST150 Spreadsheet & Database Prin3 hrs
ENG101 Beginning Composition (or equivalent) (Composition)3 hrs
IST111 Living Systems (Phys or Nat Science)4 hrs
IST120 Connections I (CT) (CT Designated Course)3 hrs
Year One - Spring Semester
IST163 Programming Practicum 3 hrs
IST260 Instrumentation I3 hrs
FYS100 First Yr Sem Critical Thinking (FYS 100)3 hrs
as Multicultural or International (Social Science)3 hrs
MTH Prerequisite (if necessary)3 hrs
Recommended Hours:17 hours Recommended Hours:15 hours
Year Two - Fall Semester
IST236 Data Structures3 hrs
IST263 Web Programming3 hrs
CMM103 Fund Speech-Communication (Communication)3 hrs
ENG201 Advanced Composition - or ENG200H (Composition)3 hrs
MTH140 Applied Calculus (Mathematics)3 hrs
Year Two - Spring Semester
IST212 Energy3 hrs
IST224 Intro to Forensic Science4 hrs
IST264 Technology Foundations 3 hrs
IST220 Connections II (CT) (CT Designated Course)3 hrs
MUS142, ART112, or THE112 (Fine Arts)3 hrs
Recommended Hours:15 hours Recommended Hours:16 hours
Year Three - Fall Semester
IST332 Software Engineering I3 hrs
IST362 Network Protocols3 hrs
IST365 Database Management 3 hrs
IST423 GIS and Data Systems3 hrs
as Writing Intensive (Humanities)3 hrs
Year Three - Spring Semester
IST333 Software Engineering II3 hrs
IST363 Network Administration3 hrs
IST430 Electronic Commerce 3 hrs
Elective (Can be used toward 2nd major, minor, or certificate)3 hrs
Elective (Can be used toward 2nd major, minor, or certificate)3 hrs
Recommended Hours:15 hours Recommended Hours:15 hours
Year Four - Fall Semester
IST466 Database Programming3 hrs
IST490 Senior Project I (Capstone)3 hrs
Elective (Can be used toward 2nd major, minor, or certificate)3 hrs
Elective (Can be used toward 2nd major, minor, or certificate)3 hrs
Technical Elective3 hrs
Year Four - Spring Semester
IST301 Public Service Experience1 hrs
IST436 Advanced Web Programming3 hrs
IST 491 - Senior Project II or IST 470 Internship (Capstone)3 hrs
Writing Intensive Literature3 hrs
MGT320 or IST456 3 hrs
Recommended Hours:15 hours Recommended Hours:13 hours
Other Requirements:
Minimum Number of Hours to Graduate:121
Minimum GPA to Graduate:2.0 (a minimum of 40 upper level hours)


  1. Within a major in Computer and Information Technology, a student should choose an area of emphasis from:
    • Computer Application Development (SI22)
    • Web Application Development (SI23)
    • Game Development (SI24)
  2. Students are responsible for knowing and tracking their requirements for graduation and/or professional school entrance.
  3. Students are strongly encouraged to use elective hours toward a 2nd major, minor or certificate program. Students who do not have an ACT Mathematics score of 24 may use elective hours to complete math per-requisite requirements.
  4. Course offerings and course attributes are subject to change each semester. Please consult each semester's schedule of courses for availability and attributes.
Program Degree Outcomes: