4-Year Plan, Major: SI40 - BS, Digital Forensics
Catalog Term: Fall 2013
General Education Requirement     College Requirement     Major Requirement     Offered online since Fall 2012
Year One - Fall Semester
IST150 Spreadsheet & Database Prin3 hrs
ENG101 Beginning Composition (or equivalent) (Composition)3 hrs
IST111 Living Systems (Phys or Nat Science)4 hrs
IST120 Connections I (CT) (CT Designated Course)3 hrs
as Multicultural or International (Social Science)3 hrs
Year One - Spring Semester
IST163 Programming Practicum 3 hrs
IST260 Instrumentation I3 hrs
IST264 Technology Foundations 3 hrs
FYS100 First Yr Sem Critical Thinking (FYS 100)3 hrs
MTH PR or Free Elective (see ACT req. for MTH140)3 hrs
Recommended Hours:16 hours Recommended Hours:15 hours
Year Two - Fall Semester
IST130 Analytical Methods: Statistics4 hrs
IST261 Intro to Linux3 hrs
IST449 Data Recovery and Analysis3 hrs
CMM103 Fund Speech-Communication - or CMM 104H or CMM 207 (Communication)3 hrs
ART112, MUS142, MUS210, or THE112 (Fine Arts)3 hrs
Year Two - Spring Semester
IST212 Energy3 hrs
IST224 Intro to Forensic Science4 hrs
ENG201 Advanced Composition (Composition)3 hrs
IST220 Connections II (CT) (CT Designated Course)3 hrs
MTH140 Applied Calculus (Mathematics)3 hrs
Recommended Hours:16 hours Recommended Hours:16 hours
Year Three - Fall Semester
ENG354 Scientific & Tech Writing 3 hrs
IST263 Web Programming3 hrs
IST301 Public Service Experience1 hrs
IST362 Network Protocols3 hrs
IST365 Database Management 3 hrs
Year Three - Spring Semester
CJ326 Computer Crime3 hrs
IST363 Network Administration3 hrs
IST463 Digital Computer Evidence 4 hrs
MGT320 Principles of Management 3 hrs
Literature/Humanities (Humanities)3 hrs
Recommended Hours:13 hours Recommended Hours:16 hours
Year Four - Fall Semester
IST448 Forensic Image/Video Analysis 3 hrs
IST464 Network Security3 hrs
IST467 Mobile Device Forensics 4 hrs
MIS420 Info Security Management3 hrs
IST490 Senior Project I (Capstone)3 hrs
Year Four - Spring Semester
IST447 App Dig Evidence and eDisc4 hrs
IST462 Network Forensics 4 hrs
IST 491 (Senior Project II) or IST 470 (Internship)3 hrs
Technical Elective3 hrs
Recommended Hours:16 hours Recommended Hours:14 hours
Other Requirements:
Minimum Number of Hours to Graduate:122
Minimum GPA to Graduate:


  1. Students are responsible for knowing and tracking their requirements for graduation and/or professional school entrance.
  2. Students are strongly encouraged to use elective hours toward a 2nd major, minor or certificate program. Students who do not have an ACT Mathematics score of 24 may use elective hours to complete math per-requisite requirements.
  3. Course offerings and course attributes are subject to change each semester. Please consult each semester's schedule of courses for availability and attributes.
Program Degree Outcomes: