Estimated Course Materials/Costs

PHY 211, 201 CRN: 4413

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Additional Requirements
Hardware - $60.00
Two items are required (1) A 1080p webcam (with tripod) with at least a 6ft cord and/or wireless connection is required for this class. A suggested is the following: brand - Aoozi, model Number - BENEWY, ASIN- B088D1C9JL. The webcam is expected to be connected to a desktop or laptop computer that is capable of connecting to reliable internet. An integrated webcam in a laptop or desktop will not work, an external webcam is required for testing. Estimated cost $30-$40. (2) A non-graphing calculator is required for the course. Model numbers may vary. Examples include TI 30x, TI-36x, Casio fx-115ES, Casio Fx-82es, etc.. Estimated cost $20. NOTE: If a student has a scanner that will be visible within the testing environment to scan quizzes and exams, and will not need their phone to take pics of quizzes and exams to convert to a pdf, and if their phone is able to livestream video in 1080p, then their phone can be use as the video feed and the webcam is not needed.