Institutional Research and Planning provides data and analysis to support the Marshall University community in assessment, planning, and decision-making. MU BERT is a tool used to assist Marshall University faculty and administrators with generating report data from Marshall's Enterprise Student Information System.

Our data request form should be used to request information not already on either the IRP (public) or MU BERT (internal) website. If this request is for one-time data, summaries will be provided in a PDF. Data will be provided in an Excel spreadsheet unless otherwise requested. Note that your request may require additional approvals, data collection methods, and analysis techniques depending on the data's sensitivity, complexity, and availability.

Institutional data is produced and maintained by various offices on campus. Each department is responsible for the accuracy, quality, and integrity of institutional data that is specific to that office. For example, Admissions is accountable for application information; Registrar, for enrollment; and Accounting, for billing and financial information, etc. All of these pieces of data, including IR data, are proprietary, i.e. owned by Marshall University.

Some forms of University data are highly confidential and fall under Federal Regulations (FERPA) and may not be released in a public manner. Note that the IR, Registrar, Admissions, and other offices on campus will not release any unit-record data (data with identifying variables) except under very specific conditions and only by FERPA regulations. Data Stewards understand the data integrity standards and format for the release of data. There are specific conditions for the release of unit-record data.

Our timeframe for responding to data requests can vary depending on the workload within our office. To ensure that we can meet your desired timeline, please submit your request at least two weeks prior to when the information will be needed.

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