Listing of Reports Available within MU BERT at Marshall University

Advisee Report by Advisor
Advisee Report by Advisor w/Midterm D&F Grades
Advisee Report by Advisor w/Pictures
COLA Grade Verification for ENG102, FRN102, SPN102, and GER102
CTC Faculty Report
Chair Grade Verification by Subject/Term
Class List w/Grade Information
Class List with E-mail Addresses
Class List with Past Attempts of Course
Commencement List with Contact Information
Course Demand Report by Department/Major
Course Withdrawal Summary by Subject and Term
DF Midterm Grade Report
Department Faculty Meeting Scheduler
Departmental Enrollment Report by Alpha, Course Section and Instructor
Distance Education Courses (ALL) by Semester with Enrollment Data
E-Course Beginning of Term
E-Course End of Term Report
E-Course History Report
E-Course Offerings by Semester
E-Course Student Listing for Evaluations
E-course Coding Verification
Edit Groups
Electronic Syllabus Submission
Enrolled Majors/Graduate Students with Undergraduate Degrees from Marshall by College
Enrolled Majors/Students (FULL DATA EXPORT TO EXCEL)
Enrolled Majors/Students Outside of LCOB w/15 or more LCOB Hours
Enrolled Majors/Students by Area of Emphasis
Enrolled Majors/Students by Major Code
Enrolled Majors/Students by Major Code w/Residence Hall Information
Enrolled Majors/Students showing Degree Evaluation Information (JDE/SDE)
Enrolled Majors/Students w/Admittance Term and Years within Major
Enrolled Majors/Students w/High School Information
Enrolled Majors/Students w/Test Scores
Enrolled Minors/Students by Minor Code
Enrolled students who changed majors by Term
Faculty Course History
First Time E-Course Students
Five or Ten Year Total Sections and Enrollments (Fall or Spring)
Golden Key Candidates by Term
Graduate Instructor of Record Report (w/Redbook Data)
Graduate Student Check for Probation/Dismissal Letters
Graduate Students on Probation
Graduates by Major
Graduates by Major by High School
Graduates by Major with Test Scores
Graduates by Minor
Honors Students w/GPA and Major Information
Instructors by College and Term
List Courses Taught
List Courses by Faculty
List Courses by Location
List Courses with Student Detail
Listing of Distance Education Courses and Enrollments by Semester
Marshall Plan/Core I/Core II Offerings by Semester
Multiple Section Scheduling Grid
Non-Returning Students by College or Major
Pre-requisite Verification by Class List, Course, or Major for a particular course
School for Extended Education Enrollments
Semester Enrollment Report
Set Default Areas of Emphasis for combo boxes
Set Default Department for drop-down lists
Set Default Majors for combo boxes
Student Course History List w/GPA, Hours Earned, and Current Course Schedule
Student Course Schedule View
Student Information w/Test Scores and Contact Information
Student Subject Sequence History
Students Changing their Major and Graduating in the Same Term
Students Dropped from Classes for Non-Payment of Tuition and Fees
Students on Academic Probation by College/Term
Students on Academic Suspension by College/Term
Summary of E-courses by College Financial Report
Summary of Enrolled Majors/Students by College
Summary of Enrolled Majors/Students by College with Area of Emphasis Information
Summary of Probationary and Suspended Students by College
T-Course Beginning of Term
T-Course Student Listing for Evaluations
T-course Coding Verification
Total Withdrawals by College and Academic Standing
UNI101/HON101/CTC101 Block Scheduling Student Schedules
UNI101/HON101/CTC101 Student Listing w/Block Scheduling Codes
Unduplicated Enrollment Summary by Location
Unresolved E-Course Incompletes
Upcoming Graduates from a Major - Mailing List Creation
User Control Panel (set defaults, hide/show current classes)
VISTA Course Supplements