Marshall University Admissions - Transfer Equivalencies

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This Report is Not an Official Statement of Transfer Equivalency

The material presented in this report is offered to illustrate how a student's course work could transfer to Marshall University. The information does not constitute an official verification of transfer credit. For the final and authoritative decision regarding any transfer courses, you must have your transcript evaluated during the official admission review process.

The list of courses represents only those courses that have been transferred to Marshall from another institution. Therefore, the list may be incomplete. Please also be aware that course equivalencies may change without notice.

Students should save their course syllabi in case there is a question about how transferred courses may count toward degree requirements.

General Education Curriculum Requirements

Students may transfer no more than 72 credit hours and grades completed at one or more community colleges.

Transfer students who have successfully earned 26 or more semester credit hours must complete one Critical Thinking Course in Core I and in Core II of the University's General Education Curriculum. See Catalog for details. All other Core I and Core II course requirements may be fulfilled with a combination of transfer and Marshall courses.

Transfer students with fewer than 26 earned semester hours must complete Marshall University's First Year Seminar and all other courses in the General Education Curriculum that have not been fulfilled by transfer courses.

All transfer students must also complete 6 hours of writing intensive credits, 3 hours of Multicultural or International coursework, a capstone project in the major, and other degree requirements not fulfilled with transfer courses.

Some Marshall University courses and degree programs may require specific grades (e.g., 'C' or better) as a prerequisite or as a degree requirement. Therefore, students may be required to repeat a course in order to earn the required grade.

Degree Requirements

Each academic degree specifies minimum course requirements. In some cases, these requirements cannot be fulfilled with transfer courses regardless of the course level and number of hours transferred. Students should consult the current course catalog for details.

Key Terms

1XX, 2XX, 3XX, or 4XX: These numbers are assigned in instances when MU and another institution do not have directly equivalent courses. The student will receive full credit for the course and the transfer title will be 'Unclassified'.

Developmental Courses

Developmental courses, marked with '+', are not considered college level courses and, upon transfer, do not fulfill Marshall University degree requirements.